Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hey everyone the practice went so well yesterday and its coming together so nicely! Thank you for all your hard work and here is the schedule for the rest of the time so you know whats happening! Thanks!

Sat. 17th

Refresher on Dances

- Maimiads & Brothers- One more angel

- Laurels – Go Go Jo

-Beehives- Pharaoh dance

Wed. October 21st

Any Dream Will Do and Review

- First time to try and run through show everyone must be there

- Tech lighting and maybe mics on some main parts

- Set Building is part way finished (practice with some on stage)

Sat 24th

Brothers Egypt or Grovel Grovel/Who’s the Thief

- Brothers and YW/YM Dancers

Wed. October 28th

Reprise (Remix) Finale

- Everyone is in these dances

Sat 31st

-Refreshers on Songs TBA

-YW/YM Dancers

-Brothers learn Canaan Day

Wed. November 4th

All Play Rough Run-thru

- Everyone at church

- Tech run-thru (Lights and Mics)

- Set final touchup and set moving run-thru

- Add Primary in some scenes

- Music memorized

- Maybe Costumes

Sat. 7th

8:00 A.M to 2:00 PM!!

Breakfast Party and all play run-thru

- Party for everyone that has participated

- Lights Mics Ready

- Set Done and up and moving

- Small Tweeks in Music

Wed. November 11th

Dounble Run Thru

- Everyone

- Tech Final Touchups

- No stopping and starting

Fri. Sat. November 13th and 14th

Performances at stake center

Thanks guys!!! Please contact Sister Fairbanks, Shelby, Cassidy, Bradon if you have any quesitons or concerns! Thanks so much!

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